Respecting The Environment

At Leonardo, we understand the importance of providing the right product and service at the right price and we are experienced in creating supply solution packages for clients all over the UK, in a wide range of sectors and locations.

Just like our customers, we’re committed to finding environmentally-sound solutions to fulfil the needs of washrooms, bathrooms and changing facilities and we strive to be as green as possible.

Leonardo has developed its systems to ensure that waste is minimised, our tissue is manufactured from sustainable resources and we can offer 100% recycled tissue options as well as Ecolabel certified products. Our dispensers are high capacity which means fewer deliveries are needed and our dispensers are designed to minimise waste.

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and are constantly reviewing our internal and external processes to ensure we are being as green as possible. Where appropriate our paper is manufactured under strict FSC (mixed source) standards and all our finished products conform to CHSA guidelines with respect to specification, labelling and packaging. We were awarded the Ecolabel accreditation in 2013 meaning our paper products now conform to the highest environmental standards.

Our converting plant is accredited with ISO9001 which ensures best practice and quality standards are maintained.