Leonardo proves environmental ethics with Ecolabel award

In 2014, you’re in the minority if you don’t recycle your household waste or pack your weekly shopping into ‘Bags for Life.’ But whilst most of us are happy to make small lifestyle changes to help the environment, our use of paper outside the home is often one area that is overlooked.

Leonardo washroom-and-workplace paper dispensers provide the ultimate dispensing solution for the away-from-home market. From personal hygiene to cost-in-use savings and reduced paper waste, the features and benefits of the Leonardo range of dispensers have been specifically tailored to meet user needs. With this ethos in mind, it seemed only natural that Leonardo became more environmentally aware, allowing washroom users to dispense of paper with a clear conscience and minimal effort.
First conceived in 1992 and easily recognisable by its flower logo, Ecolabel, a prestigious Europe-wide accreditation renowned for its robust and trusted certification process, uses strict environmental criteria to distinguish environmentally-friendly products. The assessment process tracks the product throughout its lifecycle; from the sourcing of raw materials through to post production transportation and final disposal of the product.

Only when the whole life cycle of the paper has been assessed, measured and monitored is the Ecolabel awarded, allowing the consumer to easily identify products that are cleaner and greener to produce.

The award of Ecolabel accreditation reflects Leonardo’s forward-thinking approach to the wider environment and the importance of protecting our natural surroundings.

Edward Blackledge, Purchasing Director at Arrow County Supplies agreed that environmental credentials are becoming a key factor in the buying process. “I think it’s a real benefit that Leonardo’s paper products have been awarded the Ecolabel. It is evidence of Leonardo’s commitment to sustainability, something that is becoming increasingly more important and a differentiating factor in today’s market place.”

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