Leonardo makes the grade at Cambridge!


Established over a decade ago, the Cambridge Institute of Medical Research (CIMR) has created a collaborative and supportive environment in which outstanding scientists can excel. This provision of state-of–the-art core facilities helps foster collaborations that spark discoveries in understanding the very nature of disease.

Part of Addenbrookes Hospital and sited at the world famous Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the newly opened Clifford Abbot Building at CIMR has selected Leonardo for its washrooms.

As might be expected in such an environment, hygiene is a major every day priority and with facilities spread out over six floors, usage levels are unsurprisingly high. For the cleaning staff to maintain the standards required and to ensure dispensers were always operational, it was realised that the number of maintenance visits per day was becoming  too frequent and thus too costly, to be acceptable. Something had to be done and it was then that Steve Becala, Facilicom manager in charge of all the clinical schools contacted Susan Dawks of local distributor CCL to discuss the problem. Together they quickly identified that the problem could be alleviated if the dispensers had larger capacities, something that previous suppliers had failed to address. For CCL with a long standing relationship with Leonardo, the answer was simple. Not only good at finding solutions, good delivery and outstanding responsiveness to customer enquiries, Susan knew that the Leonardo range incorporates larger capacity dispensers that could instantly resolve the problem.

Easy to fit and maintain as well as good looking, the new Leonardo dispensers have again proven to be a great success in meeting end user needs whilst combining with the essential cost in use performance that underpins any successful washroom strategy.

This is the second major success for Leonardo in Cambridge where some years ago, one of Cambridge’s oldest and most famous colleges, Sidney Sussex, was hit by an outbreak of norovirus. Sidney Sussex College was founded on St. Valentine’s Day in 1596 by legacy of Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex and is located in the historic heart of Cambridge. Faced with the outbreak and recognising that hygiene was the heart of the problem, the College immediately decided to implement atypically thorough review all its existing hand hygiene provision, discovering a myriad range of differing towels and dispensing systems and suppliers that had grown over the years.

After conducting research and holding trials, the College concluded that for them, disposable hand towels were the very best solution. Again Susan Dawks was called in and again in partnership with the Leonardo National Sales Team, a proposal was made that featured both Leonardo’s mechanical hands free dispensers and Versatwin dispensers. The recommendation was duly acceptedand implemented. One supplier and one product. Leonardo!


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With no further bacterial outbreaks since the installation of Leonardo, the whole operation has been deemed a great success. So no surprise then that when recently an additional new building and new hostel were commissioned, Leonardo was again specified to play its part in keeping both students and faculty healthy.

Two great examples of how Leonardo has performed with honours from Cambridge!!



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