Features & Benefits

Reducing Cost and Volume in Use

The ‘Cost and Volume in Use’ benefits of a Leonardo dispenser mean that less is literally more.

When considering any new dispensing system it is not just the cost of the product currently in use that should be taken into account but also how much and how often it is purchased. Leonardo’s systems offer a higher capacity and more efficient dispensing solution which give user benefits of less waste, less frequent refills, fewer orders and deliveries and more janitorial storage space. All against a backdrop of improved hygiene and, just as importantly, significant cost savings.

By developing paper and soap products that fully maximise the dispenser’s capacity and by controlling user consumption through dispenser innovation, Leonardo can demonstrate cost and volume savings in any washroom or workplace environment.


Improving Hygiene

When hygiene is paramount, Leonardo will fulfil even the highest of hygiene requirements.

Improving standards of hygiene is at the core of Leonardo’s philosophy, without compromising cost savings or respect for the environment. By producing wipe-clean, lockable dispensers that encase the rolls, and paper products that reduce bacteria on the hands, Leonardo has been proven to deliver exemplary hygiene standards across all industry sectors and is the preferred choice in many healthcare, food and educational environments.


Respecting the Environment

By offering 100% recycled and Ecolabel tissue options and ensuring that all dispensers are manufactured under the strictest environmental controls and are all fully recyclable.

Leonardo is proud to create products that are more than effective in use yet are kind to the planet. Leonardo’s intelligent dispensers provide the user with the correct amount of paper, reducing waste and ensuring that less paper is used whilst costs are controlled.